Sex Dolls For Companions?

Booking London escorts has long been a reason to visit London. But, are things beginning to change? Over the last year, it would be fair to say that many London escorts have found themselves challenged. Both the Covid pandemic and the Brexit crisis have affected escort agencies in London. As a matter of fact, some elite London escorts that mainly employed foreign girls have gone out business. Far fewer men are visiting London and that means less business for London escorts.

Is this the only threat that London escorts face today? Unfortunately, this is not the only threat facing London escorts. Technology is influencing our lives more and more. Many men who enjoy the company of escorts are becoming increasingly technology savvy. Technology is influencing all parts of our lives and is even beginning to have more of an influence on the adult entertainment sector in many parts of Europe.

A few years ago, any guy who was into dating London escorts would not dream of checking out a sex doll. But, as London escorts have found out, having your own personal sex doll, or going to a sex doll cafe, is becoming popular in many parts of Europe and in Japan as well. As we all know, the Japanese are very technology savvy. There is little wonder that Japanese men like to date sex dolls or spend time with them in sex toys cafes in places like Tokyo.

What we need to ask ourselves, is of sex dolls are a threat to London escorts? As sex dolls have become increasingly advanced, there are men who say they enjoy spending time with them. For many, spending time with a sex doll is as exciting as dating a girl from a London escorts. To many, having a sex doll in their own home, is far better than having to call a charlotte escorts agency and set up a date with an escort. So, are sex dolls a threat to London escorts? The Ron took a chance and spoke to a couple of escorts in London. Our team thought it would be interesting to find out what local escorts think about sex dolls and the future of sex dolls in London.

What do London escorts think about sex dolls? The escorts that we spoke to in London, said that they did not think that sex dolls would ever take over from London escorts. They felt that men who visit London and like to have a good time, would still prefer to date escorts in London. Although the girls are fully aware that sex dolls are popular in other countries, none of the girls felt that they are ever going to become part of the UK escort dating scene. They felt it was unlikely that men will ever want to call up an agency and ask for a sex doll to be delivered around for a couple of hours or for the night.

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